Podman: Python scripting for Podman services

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PodmanPy is a Python3 module that allows you to write Python scripts that access resources maintained by a Podman service. It leverages the Podman service RESTful API.

Podman services are addressed using a URL where the scheme signals to the client how to connect to service. Supported schemes are: http+ssh, http+unix or tcp. Formats are the following styles:

  • http+ssh://[<login>@]<hostname>[:<port>]/<full filesystem path>

    • http+ssh://alice@api.example:22/run/user/1000/podman/podman.sock

    • The scheme ssh is excepted as an alias

  • http+unix://<full filesystem path>

    • http+unix:///run/podman/podman.sock

    • The scheme unix is excepted as an alias

  • tcp://<hostname>:<port>

    • tcp://api.example:8888


1 import podman
3 with podman.Client() as client:
4     if client.ping():
5         images = client.images.list()
6         for image in images:
7             print(image.id)

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