Source code for podman.domain.ipam

"""Classes to support Internet Protocol Address Management.

Provided for compatibility

from typing import Any, List, Mapping, Optional

[docs] class IPAMPool(dict): """Collect IP Network configuration.""" def __init__( self, subnet: Optional[str] = None, iprange: Optional[str] = None, gateway: Optional[str] = None, aux_addresses: Optional[Mapping[str, str]] = None, ): """Create IPAMPool. Args: subnet: IP subnet in CIDR format for this network. iprange: IP range in CIDR format for endpoints on this network. gateway: IP gateway address for this network. aux_addresses: Ignored. """ super().__init__() self.update({ "AuxiliaryAddresses": aux_addresses, "Gateway": gateway, "IPRange": iprange, "Subnet": subnet, })
[docs] class IPAMConfig(dict): """Collect IP Address configuration.""" def __init__( self, driver: Optional[str] = "default", pool_configs: Optional[List[IPAMPool]] = None, options: Optional[Mapping[str, Any]] = None, ): """Create IPAMConfig. Args: driver: Network driver to use with this network. pool_configs: Network and endpoint information. Podman only supports one pool. options: Options to provide to the Network driver. """ super().__init__() self.update({ "Config": pool_configs or [], "Driver": driver, "Options": options or {}, })