Source code for podman.errors.exceptions

"""Podman API Errors."""

from typing import Iterable, List, Optional, Union, TYPE_CHECKING

from requests import Response
from requests.exceptions import HTTPError

# Break circular import
    from podman.domain.containers import Container
    from podman.api.client import APIResponse

[docs] class APIError(HTTPError): """Wraps HTTP errors for processing by the API and clients.""" def __init__( self, message: str, response: Union[Response, "APIResponse", None] = None, explanation: Optional[str] = None, ): """Initialize APIError. Args: message: Message from service. Default: response.text, may be enhanced or wrapped by bindings response: HTTP Response from service. explanation: An enhanced or wrapped version of message with additional context. """ super().__init__(message, response=response) self.explanation = explanation def __str__(self): msg = super().__str__() if self.response is not None: msg = self.response.reason if self.is_client_error(): msg = f"{self.status_code} Client Error: {msg}" elif self.is_server_error(): msg = f"{self.status_code} Server Error: {msg}" if self.explanation: msg = f"{msg} ({self.explanation})" return msg @property def status_code(self): """Optional[int]: HTTP status code from response.""" if self.response is not None: return self.response.status_code return None
[docs] def is_error(self) -> bool: """Returns True when HTTP operation resulted in an error.""" return self.is_client_error() or self.is_server_error()
[docs] def is_client_error(self) -> bool: """Returns True when request is incorrect.""" return 400 <= (self.status_code or 0) < 500
[docs] def is_server_error(self) -> bool: """Returns True when error occurred in service.""" return 500 <= (self.status_code or 0) < 600
[docs] class NotFound(APIError): """Resource not found on Podman service. Named for compatibility. """
[docs] class ImageNotFound(APIError): """Image not found on Podman service."""
class DockerException(Exception): """Base class for exception hierarchy. Provided for compatibility. """
[docs] class PodmanError(DockerException): """Base class for PodmanPy exceptions."""
[docs] class BuildError(PodmanError): """Error occurred during build operation.""" def __init__(self, reason: str, build_log: Iterable[str]) -> None: """Initialize BuildError. Args: reason: describes the error build_log: build log output """ super().__init__(reason) self.msg = reason self.build_log = build_log
[docs] class ContainerError(PodmanError): """Represents a container that has exited with a non-zero exit code.""" def __init__( self, container: "Container", exit_status: int, command: Union[str, List[str]], image: str, stderr: Optional[Iterable[str]] = None, ): """Initialize ContainerError. Args: container: Container that reported error. exit_status: Non-zero status code from Container exit. command: Command passed to container when created. image: Name of image that was used to create container. stderr: Errors reported by Container. """ err = f": {stderr}" if stderr is not None else "" msg = ( f"Command '{command}' in image '{image}' returned non-zero exit " f"status {exit_status}{err}" ) super().__init__(msg) self.container = container self.exit_status: int = exit_status self.command = command self.image = image self.stderr = stderr
[docs] class InvalidArgument(PodmanError): """Parameter to method/function was not valid."""